Putin hails joint activity towards Iran’s EAEU membership

Putin hails joint activity towards Iran’s EAEU membership

At talks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed joint activity towards Iran’s joining the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

"I am confident that our countries will benefit from this work. It is carried out on the basis of fundamental principles of international law and the main provisions of the World Trade Organization," Putin said.

"Fortunately, bilateral relations of our two countries are progressing, and even if we meet on a weekly basis, we will always have topics to discuss," Hassan Rouhani said, for his part. Throughout many years of relations between Russia and Iran, the sides "have attained an unprecedented level of sincerity," he stressed.

In the initial remarks at the talks, Rouhani said he planned to discuss international issues, as well as bilateral ties, with Putin. "Both countries are located in a sensitive region, and unfortunately, we have been witnessing negative manifestations there in the past few weeks. No matter which trajectories we cooperate along, our final goal is peace, stability and security," he added.

درصورتی که مطلب مغایر با قوانین جمهوری اسلامی ایران می باشد از طریق صفحه تماس با ما گزارش دهید.
در صورت ناقص بودن مطلب روی منبع کلیک کنید و مطلب را بصورت کامل بخوانید.

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تمامی مطالب از سایت های مجاز فارسی و ایرانی تهیه و جمع آوری شده است و تمام فرآیند جمع آوری اخبار به صورت خودکار انجام می گیرد. مسئولیت صحت محتوای این خبر بر عهده خبرگزاری منبع و منتشر کننده آن است، در صورت وجود هرگونه مشکل از طریق صفحه گزارش تخلف اطلاع دهید.

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